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What is LED?
LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED, short for Light Emitting Diode, uses solid semiconductor chips as light emitting materials. When positive voltage is attached to both ends, the current particles in the semiconductor will blend together and release super fluous energy, which elicits photon eradication to produce visible light.

With its inherent characteristics like electricity savings, long life-span, shaking durability, quick responding and luminescense source, LED's are widely applied in the fields of indicator lights, signal lamps and display screens. We can find its application everywhere in our everyday life, such as home lighting, telephone sets, panel lighting, car fog lights and traffic lights.

LED Characteristics
High Light Emitting Efficiency
After decades of technological improvements, LEDs are making great advancements in light emitting efficiency. Incandescent lamps or halogen lamps 12/24 L/W, florescent lamps are 50-70 L/W, sodium lamps are 90-140 L/W, much of the electrical consumption has become wasted. The light efficiency of upgraded LED can reach 50-200 L/W and with its great performance and narrow spectrum, it can emit colored visible light directly without filtration. At present, nations throughout the world are all accelerating the research of improving LED efficiency, and greater improvements in the field will be made in the near future.

Less Electricity Consumption
LEDs are driven by direct current, has a single-tube power of 0.03-0.06W. a single-tube driver voltage of 1.5-3.5v and a current of 15-18MA, which is quick in reaction and easily managed under high frequency. To achieve the same luminance effect, It consumes only one tenth of electricity as an incandescent lamps.

Long Life-Span
LEDs have a life span as long as 100,000 hours, which is dozens of times longer than ordinary lamp tubes. With small volume, lightweight and encapsulated in epoxy colophony, it can endure mechanical impact and vibration.

High Credibility
LEDs claim a low heat, zero caloric radiation, luminescent source and low voltage, which can be touched safely. No harmful elements like hydragyrum or natrium are contained. It's built in micro-processing system ca control light emitting strength and adjust emitting mode so as to realize a combination of light and art.

Environment Friendly Product
No harmful elements are contained in LEDs. With no pollution, its castoff can be reclaimed.

Wide Applicability
LEDs are a solid luminopher, which is shake resistant and not easy to crack on impact. Since its illuminants are small in volume and thus can be arranged at will, it is easy to assemble into a portable illuminating product, and the installation and maintenance is also very easy.